Gianni Perniceni - Distribution - E-commerce - Pricing - Web Development
Gianni Perniceni - Distribution - E-commerce - Pricing - Web Development
Name Giovanni Perniceni
Date of Birth 02 December 1966
Nationality Italian
Educational 30 March 1994:
Degree in Business Administration (Marketing specialization)
C/o Università Cattolica –Milan
  Main work experience
Meridiana Group [September 2005]
Director Distribution, EBusiness and Direct Sales
- Main Tasks
• My business task within the various and succeeding business plans is and had been the one of moving and maintaining the direct sales to 70% of the whole volume, keep updated and usable at the best commercial state of the art the different digital platform of the company , including mobile and apps, keep cost sensible and offering a valuable service within the in house call center and customer care experience offices, help sales in creating online ancillary revenues, help online travel agencies in getting the best offer witouth creating conflicts within company direct distribution policy. Web Launch of the group on line tour operator and integration of the sister leisure airlines Eurofly and Air Italy within the group direct sales policy and single common digital portals.
• My operational task along the above time frame is running a team of experts composed of 15 people, covering the day by day operation and project activities and handling projects coordination responding to CCO and sharing responsibility and budget with CIO.
- E-Commerce:
Definition of the direct channel sales policy for B2C and B2B group portals trough all the possible tools able to influence consumer choices; this includes web & mobile functionalities, price promotions, banner advertising, Newsletter and DEM, splash pages, miniweb sites and other direct marketing activities, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and online advertising with Search Engines (adwords-kwords), On line marketing campaigns with global providers and ad hoc travel internet portals, Commercial agreements with Online travel agencies for increasing sale activities, affiliation & Metasearch contract, retargeting, RTB, sales and marketing activities. In charge for budget, cost control and key account management of these activities. In charge of the developments for new commercial digital functionalities; graphic, content management and usability/navigation.
- Social & Engagement:
Start up and operational handling of the most important Social pages for the company. Set up of the social customer care and customer engagement also trough dynamic live chat. Close relationship with Marketing for the handling of social awards, promotion and lead generation activity. Surveys and DEM customer engagement.
- CRM/CMS/Business Intelligence/Engagement:
project leader for the introduction of state of the art system and policy to handle one to one activities with our customers and support loyalty program development.
- Ancillary e-commerce partnerships:
Ancillary e-commerce partnerships to enhance other revenue incomes and definition of the cross selling activities trough direct & White Label platform , XML and Dynamic Packaging.
- Airline & Travel E-Commerce partnerships:
Airline E-Commerce partnerships: capability to interlink different airline websites to promote and market activities and routes for other airlines in the LCC/LFA or traditional environment. Enhance digital popularity trough this kind of partnership.
- Commercial Distribution for the Direct and Global distribution systems
Contract definition and negotiation; Key Account Management , cost control linked to ROI enhancements and Channel Management (Amadeus, Galileo, Worldspan, Sabre, Sita, Payment System gateways; Technology providers and software houses; ancillary revenues providers; ATPco; Online SEO agencies and On line marketing advertisers; affiliation program;etc);Integration and Distribution of the Company products trough the Major Internet Booking Engines and Metasearch portal - New Low Cost Distribution System analysis.
- Cost Management; Distribution Strategy & Project Management:
In order to reduce distribution costs and decrease variable unit costs. In charge for the commercial distribution costs and B2B platform revenues and development within the Group Business Plan.
- Project Management:
Hosting system migration; new digital and EBusiness functionalities; new payment methods and gateway ; new distribution channels; new GDSs enhancements and revenue integrity; Code-Share agreements & contracts; Pricing and SPA structure strategy; Interline and IATA external activities; Ancillary and Tour operating technology capabilities and Dynamic Packaging; new airport on line capabilities. New Direct Channel analysis and capabilities; Consultancy for other airlines. On line Tour operator and Third party integrations.
- Business Development for Distribution System Applications:
Traditional and Low Cost Inventory Systems – Business upgrades and process definition on direct points of sales, contract and commercial project development for the applications defined in the company strategy process; Internet & Mobile Booking Engine policy– Product and contract management; Bench-market activity; Control over all the digital applications, costs and generated revenues; Commercial supervision on the Technology integration of third online providers within the group portals in order to offer a common group product and get advantage of the scale economies - new GDSs product and application developments - Direct Payment Service providers and applications, cash flow process, commission and reports; credit cards contract negotiation-Telecommunication providers.
- Commercial Coordination:
Commercial Distribution Coordination for Direct Sale Channels – Call Center / ATO (Airport Ticket Offices)-CTO (City Ticket Office) / Internet Web and Mobile Sites/ On Line Tour Operator/ Ancillary providers /Technology Providers/code share agreements.
- Representative to the business:
Representative & Speaker to the business conferences covering group company business expectations and needs : Hosting system user conferences; IT and GDSs annual conferences; ZED&MIBA AGM Forums; Ecommerce Forum; Mobile & Marketing.
- Interline Agreements Management:
Code-shares; MITA and Bilateral/Unilateral agreements; Special Pro-Rate Agreement (SPA); Staff Travel – Duty and Leisure agreements: Bilateral, ZED, and MIBA.
IATA external Relations Management & BSP Commercial Management
Main business relationships are with
• External:
Inventory systems providers; Internet & Mobile Booking Engines; Engagement platform; call center outsource provider and IT System ; Mail and surveys platform; GDSs , Other Distribution providers & portals;Technology and Software/outsourcing providers; Telecommunications providers; Payment service providers;ATPco, OAG; IATA; Other Airlines; credit cards and other payment providers ;online ancillary providers; Airports handling companies for Ticketing offices.
• Internal:
CEO; Finance,Sales & Marketing; Revenue Management; Schedules control; IT & CIO; Call Center; ATO (Airport Ticket Offices)-CTO (City Ticket Office); Customer Care Department; Ground Services; Revenue Accounting, Contract and Legal Department; Human Resources, Administration and Finance. Staff Responsibility 15 Full Time Employees and 120 Call Center employees
Volare Group [November 2001 - August 2005]
Volare Group (New;, Volare Airlines and Air Europe): Distribution manager – and since 17 January 2005 stepped to Distribution director.
- Main Tasks
Start Up of New ecommerce web site and call center; Start up of the new website; start up of the new Volare and Air Europe Call center.
- Commercial Distribution for the Direct and Global distribution systems
Contract definition and negotiation; Key Account Management (Amadeus, Galileo, Worldspan, Sabre, Navitaire, Sita, Atraxis, BIBIT, PBS, B+S; British Telecom; Italian Telecom; Software houses; IT providers; Acquiring Banks; payment system gateways – Bibit;Banca Sella - ancillary revenues providers; Local On line system providers ) & Cost Management; Distribution Strategy & Project Management organized with direct resources and covering also online web marketing activities including web graphic and content management in coordination with Communication Dpt; IT; Sales; Suppliers’ key account managers and external developers & Consultants as per following: Host System Migration PARS-SITA; Development of an higher access of distribution functionalities for Volare and Air Europe with GDSs and SITA (i.e.Direct Access; Direct Sell, SSM; Interactive Seat Assignment; Claim Pnr; Pro-Web Accesses; etc); Integration and coordination of distribution in the code-share process with Alitalia; Integration and Distribution of the products in the Major Internet Booking Engines – Opodo; Travelocity; Expedia; E-Dreams; Last Minute, etc - New Low Cost Distribution System definition;contractualization; implementation and operational coordination ; commercial integration with traditional Inventory (SITA); Change and Retrieve Pnr On Line; Business Terms and Conditions arrangements; XML Itinerary email and express conditions’ application; XML data extract applications; Promo code on line; web voucher application ; new system upgrades coordination; new IBE and Inventory management system for AirEurope branded long haul flights.
Business Development for Distribution System Applications
(Inventory Systems – Business upgrades and process definition with direct sales points; Contracting and development of the applications defined in the Strategy process/Internet Booking Engine – Product and contract management; Bench-marketing activity; Definition with the Top management of the provider; application and development; cost and revenue control; Integration of third party systems and portals - /GDSs new product development and applications/Direct Payment Service Providers and applications to handle the direct payment services according to the market needs, cash flow process and flexibility and reports offered; credit cards contract negotiation/Telecommunication Providers able to handle different kind of phone access and to develop with a high flexibility new numbers from different countries/etc); Opensky By NAVITAIRE System administrator (Definition and application of the : Control Panel/Control Edit/User Group Control/Users Control/Schedule Planning & Schedule Manager application coordination/Reflection Reporting System). Flight Speed Super User - call center GUI-Graphic
User Interface-.
2nd level business operations handling.
New IBE and Inventory system for long haul flights
- Website; newsletter and On-line ancillary revenues
Definition, negotiation, contractualization and implementation/ coordination of the web graphic–web development–content management – look and feel - newsletter communication – on line other revenues (i.e.;;; etc) for the new and web site.
- Commercial Coordinator for Direct Sales Channels–Call centers - ATO - CTO Internet Web Site
Commercial Coordinator for Direct Sales Channels – Call centers / ATO (Airport Ticket Offices)-CTO (City Ticket Office) / Internet Web Site: Business Terms & Conditions: definition and application; Call Centers First Point of Contact for 2nd level assistance and all Commercial matters.
This activity has been applied with most of people not directy reporting to me but part of different teams and placed in different locations.
- Commercial Representative at the weekly Operational Coordination Meeting
Operational and commercial coordination to be handled with a large numbers of departments involved in order to define the business needs to be adapted to operational issues and enforce applications of commercial decision to the operating departments.
- Airline Represantive
Airline Represantive at : Navitaire and Sita user conferences; ZED&MIBA AGM Forums; GDSs conferences.
- Project Management
Start Up distribution activities on web and traditional environment; rebuild of distribution systems and website; Inventory systems migration and application development strategy; Low Cost flights Start Up process for distribution activities and call center; Code-Share agreements & contracts; New Schedule Intercontinental Routes start-up; Interline and IATA start up activities.
- Interline Agreements Management
Code-shares; MITA and Bilateral/Unilateral agreements; Special Pro-Rate Agreement (SPA); Staff Travel – Duty and Leisure – agreements: Bilateral, ZED, and MIBA.
IATA external Relations Management & BSP Commercial Management
Main business relationships are with
• External:
Inventory systems providers; Internet Booking Engines; GDSs & 3rd Distribution providers & portals; Telecommunications and IT providers; Payment service providers; OAG; IATA; Other Airlines; Legal Office; Official Institutions (State & political);Call Center; banks ; credit cards; acquiring entities; software companies; other services and online ancillary providers.
• Internal:
Sales & Marketing Direction; Reservation Manager; Call Centers; ATO (Airport Ticket Offices)-CTO (City Ticket Office); IT Department; Customer Care Department; Sales Field and Task Force ; Ground Services; Accounting & Finance Department; Operations (DOV,SOP, OCC, Navigation).
Staff Responsibility 4 Human Resources direct + 20 Human Resources indirect (call centers).
Swissair [01 December 2000 – 11 November 2001]
Swissair/Sabena Airline Management Partnership AMP) c/o Swissair Headquarters in Zurich: Electronic Distribution Manager.
- Main Tasks
Key Account Management with Galileo International and Worldspan.
Product and Project Management for AMP global projects (Galileo Global Fares New Generation; Automatic Solutions for New Commission Schemes; Distressed Inventory Gds Solutions); Revenue Integrity and GDS Cost Budgeting.
Business development of new products to be implemented trough our IT provider ATRAXIS for our Group and for all the airlines of the alliance that accepted the project developed by our team and the cost split.
Evaluation, analyse and establish new distribution channels and GDSs function for optimising the booking facilities for AMP and all other airlines of the Alliance followed by project management for the business development.
Responsible for definition of Global Strategy in Electronic Distribution for SR/SN and other airlines of QFG (Qualiflyer Group) and for assuring optimal presence of SR/SN product in all GDSs in order to enlarge market-share.
Implementation of Strategies and provide appropriate training and coordination in worldwide SR/SN markets.
Representing SR/SN and QFG in different industry boards
Cost analysis and cost savings audits of the AMP distribution costs.
Presentation of projects and reports to the various AMP markets and to the distribution leaders of the other QFG Alliance Airlines.
AIR EUROPE [22 March 1999 - 30 November 2000]
AIR EUROPE S.p.A.: Head of Pricing,Distribution Systems and Interline Affairs ( New Position for Scheduled Flights Start Up Project).
- Main Tasks
Distribution: Definition of main Distribution Channels,
Start Up activities for the Airline’s participation in main Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) from the scratch.
Key Account management and 8 Billions ITL Budget responsibilities for GDSs/OAG/ATPCO
Air Europe’s representative and leading contact in the Qualiflyer Group Alliance Distribution Group.
Evaluation of new Distribution Systems and new trends in electronic distribution (WAP, Bank Accounting, Internet Booking Engine from GDSs, B2B, B2C)
Pricing: Definition and Implementation: Strategic and Tactical pricing; Benchmark actions; Fare Analysis; Fare Statistics; Pricing and Yield Budget Evaluation, Fare Basis Marketing; ad-hoc Yield Management; Country Pricing Plan for Italy, Mauritius and Cuba; Special segments pricing (i.e.: Last Minute and Student Contracts, Pricing Actions, Internet Pricing Scheme); Fare Distribution and Fare Filing; Pricing Code of Conduct.
Air Europe’s representative in the Qualiflyer Group Alliance Pricing Group.
Interline Affairs: Contacts with other Airlines; Special Prorate Agreement, Definition and implementation of: Multilateral, Bilateral and Unilateral Ticketing and Baggage Agreements – Staff Travel Agreements- Prorate and Proviso amounts contracting and definition with other Carriers. Participation in MIBA and ZED, including negotiations and contracts.
Special Projects: Airline Start Up for Pricing & Distribution Systems; Direct Sales Office implementation; Pricing & Distribution Marketing Plan Chapters, Road Show for Distribution Systems. Pricing and Fare Distribution Harmonisation
Staff Responsibility 1 Full Time Employee
KLM [02 September 1996 - 21 March 1999]
C/o KLM, Royal Dutch Airlines.
- Main Tasks
Reservation Agent in the national Call Centre located in Segrate - Milan.
As for 20th September 1997 I stepped to the position of Revenue Management controller for Italian market under the responsibility of Reservation Manager.
As for 9th February 1998 I stepped to the position of Account Analyst in the Leisure Market Business Unit.
As for 1st October 1998 I stepped “ad interim” to the position of Account Executive in the Leisure Market Business Unit.
As for 22nd December 1998 I stepped to the position of National Account Executive in the Leisure Market Business Unit.
Worldspan Services Limited [19 November 1995 - 01 September 1996]
Worldspan Services Limited
C/o Worldspan Services Limited, Airline participated Global Distribution System, as Customer Service Agent.
CTS Viaggi [20 April 1994 - 18 November 1995]
CTS Viaggi
C/o an important Tour Operator and travel association, CTS Viaggi, as ticket operator, etc.
- Office Automation
Window95/98/NT - Office 95/97/2000 – Schedule Plus – E- Mail Programmes (Microsoft Outlook and Lotus) – Internet Explorer – ITPM Project organisation, Tracking Card – Airline Reservation System (PARS/CORDA/OCTOPUS/GABRIEL/ NAVITAIRE) – Global Distribution Systems GDS.
- Training Courses
Window 2000 / Excel –Word- PowerPoint-Outlook
MIS - Management Information System
Presentation and Networking Techniques
Business negotiation / Integrated sales
Project Planning and Reporting
SITA Code-share
Navitaire Open-Sky Control Panel& Edit, Users and Users Groups; Reports; Schedule Manager and Planning; Reservation GUI
- Foreign Languages
English - written and spoken fluently; German - school knowledge; Spanish understood
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